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Some Thoughts!

Why students go to outside Coaching Classes after getting education from the Higher Secondary School? Because School education is inadequate and incomplete and students need Remedial Coaching. Why Schools cannot fulfill their obligations and give the required Remedial Coaching?

Because Schools:

  • Do not have the time for Individual Remedial Coaching.
  • Cannot assess the knowledge gaps in every student who requires Remedial Coaching.
Remedial Coaching can only be done after individual knowledge evaluations which Schools cannot do regularly. What if, a magical system (CLEaRS) could provide regular Individual Remedial Coaching to your students?
  • With your existing Teaching Staff.
  • Without taking their regular Teaching Time.
  • Without any additional cost to the School.
Would you not be interested to know and use that system?

Teach-Test-Remediate (TTR) is made for XI-XII Science Students:

  • Innovative, Proven and Automatic
  • Comprehensive, Simple and Inexpensive
  • Designed for Individual Remedial Coaching System which Schools can use to complete the education
Please contact us to learn more and how to implement the system in your School.

Teach-Test-Remediate for Teacher

Testing is the corner stone of Teaching. TTR made test taking easy!
Without TTR, Test taking process needs about 4 - 5 hours of teacher's time for preparing question paper and model answers, then conducting the test in a classroom; after that, evaluating each student by analyzing their answer papers.

TTR is an automated test taking system created by the CLEaRS for teachers to take class tests. TTR technology is a practical solution to give frequent tests in minutes; it also gives teachers many choices and control to create tests they like to give; importantly, TTR does not take away any teaching time for conducting tests and assessing the students.

TTR is for XI - XII Science students for the preparation of Professional College Entrance Tests, such as NEET, JEE, CETs, AIIMS and more.

TTR System at a glance:

Step 1: Teachers create Class Test in 2 minutes

  • First, teacher logs into CLEaRS. TTR shows the list of all Topics & Sub-Topics of entire syllabi of
  • Then, Teacher selects one or more Topic(s) or Sub-Topic(s) from the list.
  • Next, TTR shows a menu to set the Class Test parameters such as, number of questions for the test, test-duration, start and end date, selection of Exams.
  • The customized Test Paper is created when he confirms his selections. It takes about 2 minutes of teacher's time to create a class test according to his choice.

Step 2: TTR sends the Tests to Class Students

  • TTR prepares the tests from its question bank of more than 74,000+ questions.
  • TTR also sends email notification to the students when tests are sent to them 

Step 3: Students take the Test and Review the Test Results

  • Students take the tests online.
  • Students get the test results instantly after submission of the tests; then can review the wrong answers by getting the tutorials from the Remedial Learning Link

Step 4: Teacher gets the ready-made Test Results

In about 2-minutes of teacher's time, teacher gets the full furnished evaluation report of the students.

Please email to for more information.

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