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(A New Product of CLEaRS)
As of now, CLEaRS focuses only for a particular category of students, who wants to appear mainly for the Entrance Exams like NEET, JEE etc. As you know the entire Educational System is collapsed, due to the closure of Schools and Colleges, for COVID19 Pandemic. So, we thought why not allow another category of Science Students to use CLEaRS and developed a new Module called: HS STUDY MATE

Hope, HS STUDY MATE will help the students to Prepare Better and Score Better in their Plus 11 and Plus 12 exams. It will boost the students' confidence level, and the undecided students can confidently participate in the NEET/JEE etc.
Student Category who will be benefitted:
1) XI-XII Science Students for extra knowledge with Coaching Class study
2) Students who want to have Concept and Doubt Clearing Study from home
3) Students who like to have better and longer knowledge retention by studying and verifying method
4) Students did not decide to go for NEET / JEE / Other Entrance Exams
5) VIII -X Std Students who decided to go for NEET / JEE, as Foundation Course.
Subjects Covered:
1)  Physics
2) Chemistry
3) Mathematics
4) Botany
5) Zoology
Teaching Modes:
1) Tutorials (Tutorials and Questions)
2) Concepts (Principles, Laws, Equations and Questions)
3) Subjective Questions
4) Summaries, Animations, Named Reactions, Periodic Table
5) Search and Learning (Tutorials and Concepts)
Test Paper Pattern:
S Knowledge Unit Qns
1 Lesson 08
2 Section 15
3 Chapter 20
4 Unit 25
5 Topic 30
1) Performance Reports will be shown every login.
2) Performance Reports will be emailed, every 24 hours.
Course Fee:
S Validity Rate/Month Amount (Rs)
1 03 Months 800 2,400
2 06 Months 750 4,500
3 12 Months 700 8,400
4 18 Months 650 11,700
5 24 Months 600 14,400

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