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NTA Exam Highlights: JEE (Advance) : 27/09/2020 | Get World Class Personal Coaching Sitting at Home for Higher Secondary, Plus I & II Science Students, JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), NEET-UG, AIIMS, JIPMER, CET, PET, PMT, SEE, COMEDK, KEAM, WBJEE, AFMC, BITSAT, SJMC, AMU, WAT and more ...

Individual Remedial Coaching
for Board, JEE, NEET & CET
You verify Taxi Meter or Restaurant Bill before paying every time. Why not verify the quality of coaching you get. Particularly, when it is related with your future. The Reputation of Coaching Institute means very little to you if you don't do well after going there.

Selection of Proper Coaching
Attention to the Parents of Higher Secondary and PUC Science Students. Parents select coaching Institutes persuaded by the advertisements or by hearsay. The fact is that the students still do not get high ranking, except only handful of good students who happened to be good to begin with.
HS School

Improve Quality of Education by
TTR (Teach-Test-Remediate)
Some Thoughts!
Why students go to outside Coaching Classes after getting education from the Higher Secondary School? Because School education is inadequate and incomplete and students need Remedial Coaching. Why Schools cannot fulfill their obligations and give the required Remedial Coaching?
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Artificial Intelligent CLEaRS proactively reacts with you by on line analysing your continuously changing requirements and teaching you till the exam date: what you do not know, need to know and is knowable by you.

Perceptive CLEaRS bidirectionally interacts by continuously exploring, analysing, evaluating your knowledge and remedying your deficiencies.

Efficient CLEaRS helps you achieve 100% success by optimising and fine tuning your study, to remedy your lack of knowledge. CLEaRS does not waste your precious time, by teaching you what you know and remember.

CLEaRS (Computerized Learning, Evaluation and Remedial System) & TTR (Teach - Test - Remediate) are the Global Trade Marks
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