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Attention to the Parents of Higher Secondary & PUC Science Students

Parents select coaching companies persuaded by the advertisements or by hearsay; the fact is the students still do not get good ranking except only handful good students who happened to be good to begin with. This is unfortunate that parents, instead being vigilant, take chances with the future of their children. Now parents have a choice, CLEaRS.

Learning and forgetting (uneven learning) are the natural processes; identifying the knowledge gaps and teaching accordingly is the ideal coaching.

Coaching teacher cannot give the personal attention to every student; without getting one-to-one attention, student's knowledge foundation remains porous. Ultimately, student does not show expected result in the exam; students are blamed for the inadequacy, but they are just innocent victims of a faulty coaching system which offers 'one size fits all' type non-personal coaching to all students in a class.

CLEaRS is the answer to 'one size fits all' type generic coaching.

CLEaRS does not teach blindly, it has a computerized analytical process to identify what lessons he did not understand before or forgotten now and needs remedial coaching. CLEaRS computer technology with the largest indigenous knowledge content, can give one-to one coaching to every student, every time. Student gets the tutorials, math examples, diagrams, formulae, animations, and all important materials directly from CLEaRS with a mouse click; student does not need any extra book. CLEaRS provides Testing and Teaching in one drill.

CLEaRS has the largest knowledge content, equivalent to twenty five textbooks together. All 70,000 (MCQ) Questions (and 275,000 Answers) are classified according to level of difficulty. CLEaRS is made adaptive that gives you harder and harder questions to prepare the student gradually; let the student just keep on studying with CLEaRS, let the software do its job, give you results.

CLEaRS will make every student better by challenging him with harder questions every time.
That is one of the reasons to start CLEaRS early; sooner he starts, better prepared he would be. Student gets World Class quality Coaching, sitting at home by DVD or by web.

Seeing is believing!

We give a FREE offer to verify the CLEaRS system for 24 hours before you decide to buy or not. Take a FREE DEMO of CLEaRS and experience the advantages of CLEaRS coaching system from A-Z; evaluate your knowledge level, give exams in any Topic, in any Chapter, get the remedial tutorials, use everything including animations and many more. After careful evaluation for 24 hours, we can humbly say: You will find none better than CLEaRS.

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