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NEET-JEE Made Easy By CLEaRS, is an unique software, Controlled and Monitored by an Artificial Intelligent Computer Program CLEaRS (Computerised Learning, Evaluation and Remedial System). The software continuously monitors and analyzes the student learning ability and guides accordingly. As you know, most of the students are confused and clueless about the topics in which they are weak. CLEaRS will help the students to identify the weak areas in all the subjects and teaches them systematically.
CLEaRS has a massive Database of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology subjects, with nearly a lakh Multiple Choice Questions, linked to correct Tutorials, Principles, Laws and Equations. This helps the students to save their precious time in analyzing the weak areas and subsequently filling the knowledge gap easily. It also helps to build the students' confidence level.
NEET-JEE Made Easy By CLEaRS is designed to give unlimited Tests with NEET-JEE type of questions, every day. Students get different set of Test Papers for every session. The Questions are selected in the ratio as in the NEET-JEE Exam Papers. So, the students' Knowledge Gap gradually reduces on each attempt of these Tests. CLEaRS has a versatile Tool the Remedial Learning mode. They should use this mode at the end of every test, before taking up their next test. This method has been proved to be a Best and Fast Learning Technique.
Study Schedule:
* The Course is designed with 7 Semesters, each Semester having 5 weeks.
* Tests Papers are generated on daily basis on PCMB, based on the current Subject Performance of the student.
* Unlimited Tests and Remedial Learning allowed every day.
* Duration of the Test is for 25 minutes, with maximum of 25 questions.
Course Fee:
Sl Semester Duration Amt(Rs)
01 First 05 Weeks 2800
02 Second 05 Weeks 3500
03 Third 05 Weeks 3400
04 Fourth 05 Weeks 3300
05 Fifth 05 Weeks 3200
06 Sixth 05 Weeks 3100
07 Seventh 05 Weeks 3000
Total 35 Weeks 22300
The total fee for all Seven Semesters is Rs 22300. However, you may join for one or more Semesters as per your requirement. Our recommendation is for full seven semesters. If you wish to test the software, we will give 3 days' Trial Session, absolutely FREE. Click here, to Register and get Free Access for 3 Days. In case, you need one more free session of 3 days, please write to us quoting your User Name. Only when you get fully satisfied, you can go for a purchase.
Thank you for your time.


CLEaRS (Computerized Learning, Evaluation and Remedial System) & TTR (Teach - Test - Remediate) are the Global Trade Marks
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