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What is Remedial Preparation?

Remedial Preparation is knowing the weak areas and getting exact amount of additional learning, not less or not more, to make up the Learning Deficiencies Gaps, which Students develop unknowingly after School and Coaching Education. No Student can get High Rank in NEET / JEE, after having only School Education. Students need additional learning to compete. Question is, how much is the right amount?

Why Remedial Learning is better for NEET / JEE / Board Exam Preparations?

Remedial Learning is not assumption-based revising of entire syllabus; it is rather targeted filling up the weak areas. This method is smart, time saving and gives better mileage for the efforts. When students get better and complete preparation in shorter time, they remain more energetic for advanced level of preparation needed for the Entrance Examinations.

How CLEaRS Prepares better than any Coaching Class?

Let see how Coaching Classes Prepare?
Coaching Classes, like Schools, complete the Syllabus. Then Coaching Classes give quick revision of the Syllabus as Crash Course and few Mock Tests before the NEET / JEE / Board Exams. Guardians and Students think this is the only way of for NEET / JEE / Board Exam Preparations... but it is not.

How Student get Remedial Preparation with CLEaRS?

Student get two specific tools to get Remedial Preparation.

1) CLEaRS Versatile Knowledge Evalution Tool is designed to give fast result.

2) The One-Click access to the learning materials for Doubt Clearing.

CLEaRS has one of the largest Knowledge Banks to satisfy the individual remedial needs.

Artificial Intelligence based Iteration Technology helps to retain knowledge longer

Learning and forgetting is natural for all students. It is hard to learn in the first place - forgetting before the final exam will be awful. Challenge is how to retain longer. The Answer is ITERATION Technology of CLEaRS Testing - Studying - Testing with new and harder questions of Iteration Mode of CLEaRS keeps student's memory fresh, up-to-date for the exams. This confidence building feature helps the exam-phobic students.

Contact us to know Iteration Technology, how it helps the Knowledge Retention?

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