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86% of MCAT Candidates don't make the cut to Medical Schools!

Perhaps 86% students bark ups the wrong trees; they prepare blindly, not knowing what they should and shouldn't study for preparing MCAT. Traditional preparation courses areone-size-fits all type and not designed for satisfying the needs of an individual student. Fortunately, there is WebCLEaRS, an individual Self-preparing System for MCAT.

Coach Yourself to Crack MCAT

Instead of having a broad spectrumapproach tocover entire science curricula of MCAT,have a system to help you with the pinpoint accuracy where you need help. First you need know what you do not know then get the supplemental learning help from any source, including WebCLEaRS.

CLEaRS (Computerized Learning Evaluation and Remedial System) is a teaching method that drills down your knowledge base to let you knowfollowing:

- What areas you did not understand well and need reinforcements.

- What areas you have forgotten and need to brush up.

When you know what you know, you feel confident.

The primary task of WebCLEaRS is to give you the individual evaluation picture to make your preparation process targeted.

The secondary task of WebCLEaRS is to present the tutorials you need only to study. We have the large study materials to supplement your needs in Physical and Biological Sciences of MCAT.

Build your Science Knowledge on a Rock-solid Foundation to improve your chances to crack the MCAT.